Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Nasal Congestion? HowStuffWorks

Furthermore, it is important for anyone who suspects an allergy to red wine, to speak with their doctor to determine the cause and get an official diagnosis. Allergy testing is a safe and effective way to diagnose allergies and can provide relief from uncomfortable symptoms. Alcohol intolerance is a condition characterized by unpleasant reactions after […]

How to Get Back to Sleep After Waking Up at Night

This range of frequency likely represents an underestimation as PPS may account for a significant proportion of the so-called ‘unexplained syncope’, i.e. syncope undiagnosed after an extensive evaluation. Notably, these episodes account for 20–30 % of cases observed in tertiary syncope clinics. It should be emphasized that overall, decrements in memory performance due to PTSD […]

Cocaine Addiction Signs, Symptoms, Treatment & Recovery

The failure to find an effect of modafinil may be attributed to the selection of subjects, all of whom tested positive for cocaine at baseline. It is well established that cocaine-dependent subjects who test positive for cocaine at the start of the study have extremely poor clinical outcomes when compared to those who are able […]

3 Ways to Deal With an Alcoholic Parent

Dedicated family support groups and family therapy sessions are available when someone that you care about is going through treatment at Priory. If one of your parents is addicted salvia extent of use, effects, and risks to alcohol, it’s important to remember that it’s not your fault. You may feel responsible, and believe that you’re […]

How to Deal With Alcohol Withdrawal Shakes How to Get Through Detox

The best ways to prevent severe symptoms after you stop drinking alcohol are close supervision by your doctor and treatment that usually includes benzodiazepines. Even less often, people see, feel, smell, or even taste things that aren’t real. Hallucinations during withdrawal tend to begin shortly after stopping alcohol use, typically emerging within 12 hours to […]