At Saltwater Fishing Club, our mission is to revolutionize the fishing experience for passionate solo offshore anglers. We are the first and only “Fishing Club” designed to cater to the needs of the single offshore fisherman or woman, offering affordable recurring fishing trips in small groups on a premium vessel, resulting in a priceless experience.

Our purpose is to make the thrill of saltwater fishing more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their financial status. We understand that not everyone can own a boat or afford private charters, but that should never be a barrier to pursuing one’s passion for offshore saltwater fishing.


offshore TRIPS
25-100 Miles

Book unlimited trips going 25-100+ miles offshore. The cost is $200-$350 per trip per person everything included.

small groups 6 People per trip

The club offers single spots on a private charter with a total of 6 people per boat, now your new friends.


All boats are inspected by Saltwater Fishing Club to ensure a premium vessel and safe fishing conditions.


An expert fishing guide will accompany every trip. This guarantees catching quality fish repeatedly!

A game changer for the offshore angler

Saltwater Fishing Club

go solo single bookings

Go by yourself and meet new friends or bring your own friends and have the entire boat to yourself. Price per person.

25 Miles = $200

50 Miles = $250

100 Miles = $350

$200+ 25 - 100 MILES

Our goal is to have a great time and land quality fish. We travel further for less than any charter out there.

Go further for cheaper. Land bigger fish.

4-6 people SMALL GROUPS

Each trip is limited to 4-6 people only so you'll have ample space to relax and land that next PB!

Expert guided to ensure a full fishbox every time.

25 miles = $200
50 miles = $250
100 miles = $350



why The Club Works

Offshore fishing is expensive and usually reserved for the upper class. Until now, there has been no way to offshore fish affordably and consistently. Here’s why the Saltwater Fishing Club is the answer to your fishing addiction.


While boats offer endless possibilities for enjoyment, the common perception is that they come with a hefty price tag. Many individuals are deterred by the presumed high costs, and this perception often keeps them from realizing their dream of boat ownership. Costs are even higher with offshore fishing. The Saltwater Fishing Club can make it easy to enjoy boating and fishing without the cost associated with ownership.


Offshore fishing is expensive and usually reserved for the upper class. Private charters can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. 


Even with a group, this can be expensive at the average per person cost between $400 and $600. With our Saltwater Fishing Club, you don’t need to rely on friends wanting to fish in order to enjoy it.

head boats

Mass transit charters are crowded with tourists, which can ruin your fishing experience by being loud, obnoxious, or even drunk. Of course, mass transit charters can also be inconvenient, which means you can’t enjoy fishing on your time and schedule. For many people, this can be a deterrent that makes it unappealing, along with the prices which are often upwards of $300+ for comparable fishing.

A game changer for the offshore angler

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